Travel Guide: Breakfast Spots in Florence

<p><em>Rise up folks, and make time to enjoy the best meal of the day. In Florence, this means letting a cup of well-made coffee warm you up on a cold morning, and sinking your teeth into an enticing pastry…&nbsp;</em></p>

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<p><em><a href=””><strong>Cantinetta Verrazzano</strong></a></em></p>

<p><strong>Cantinetta Verrazzano</strong> is a heaven for bread and pastry lovers. Step into the bakery, and you will find a lengthy display filled with a diverse variety of baked goodies. Those who like it sweet will dive straight in for the flaky cornetti or buttery crostata, while the tasty focaccia will please visitors with a taste for savoury delights.&nbsp;</p>

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<p><em><a href=””><strong>Pasticceria Nencioni </strong></a></em></p>

<p>Cosy&nbsp;<strong>Pasticceria Nencioni</strong> dishes up a delightful selection of sweets and pastries. Stop by on a cold morning, and warm yourself up with a frothy cappuccino. Next, decide on your breakfast pastry for the day – if you are in the mood for something sweet, a tantalising tart will suffice. Vacation makers with a savoury palate&nbsp;will be keen on tucking into one of the puff pastries available. Takeaways are advised, as there is little seating space in this compact cafe.&nbsp;</p>

<p><em><strong><a href=”″>Gelateria Carab&egrave;</a></strong></em></p>

<p>A good selection of intensely-falvoured gelatos at&nbsp;<strong>Gelateria Carab&egrave;</strong> leaves visitors making&nbsp;rave reviews&nbsp;and yearning for more. Traditional Sicilian flavours inspire the creation of the&nbsp;gelato&nbsp;flavours at this gelateria. The&nbsp;creamy ricotta-based gelato, studded with candied orange peel and citron is an innovative spin on the Neapolitan ricotta cake. Traditionalists will want to stick to a good ol' favourites, like the&nbsp;pistachio gelato. Stop by at breakfast time, and do as the locals do – order a refreshing breakfast granita made from almonds, mulberries and lemons. Mhmm.</p>

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<p><em><a href=””><strong>News Cafe</strong></a></em></p>

<p>Coffee and art merges together in a seamless combination at <strong>News Cafe</strong>. Here, you will never fail to order a picture-perfect cappuccino, with its froth presenting&nbsp;an intricate&nbsp;design by the baristas. The beverage may look too pretty to drink, but when you finally take a sip, you will be captivated by its strong aromas. Apart from dishing out cups of well-made coffee, News Cafe also offers a selection of buttery croissants, pastries and sandwiches.&nbsp;</p>

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<p><em><a href=””><strong>Caffe Scudieri Firenzi</strong></a></em></p>

<p>Coffee drinking at <strong>Cafe Scudieri </strong>is a grand affair. Its&nbsp;well-decorated interiors and beautiful glassware creates an atmospheric setting, putting you in a luxurious mood&nbsp;as you take sips of your coffee. Place an order for the Tuscan-style espresso dolce, for it is a beverage worth savouring. One will discern a milky sweetness and nutty aroma, and enjoy itsbuttery-smooth texture. A lengthy pastry case reveals rows of beautifully-made pastries, leaving you fighting hard to resist the urge of ordering one (or many more).&nbsp;</p>

<p><em><a href=”″><strong>Caffe Donnini</strong></a></em></p>

<p>Excellent coffee, amazing tasting pastries, and a gorgeous setting featuring rich colours and hanging chandeliers. 'Nuff said.&nbsp;</p>

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<p><em>Now that you have ironed out issues of where to go for breakfast, it is time to start planning your meals for the rest of your day. Why not try out a&nbsp;<strong><a href=”″>home-dining experience in Florence</a></strong>?</em></p>

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