Vegetarian Dining in Brussels

<p>Veggie-lovin' travellers in <a href=””>Brussels</a&gt;, we bring good news! The city has become increasingly vegetarian-friendly in recent years, which a rise in the number of eateries offering more&nbsp;meat-free options&nbsp;apart from the usual salads. Kick start your veggie-healthy diet at the following places during your travels:</p>

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<p><em><strong>1. &nbsp;SINStreetFood</strong></em></p>

<p><strong><a href=”″>SINStreetFood</a></strong&gt; is a&nbsp;food truck serving&nbsp;Indian-inspired vegetarian and vegan delicacies, as well as freshly&nbsp;squeezed fruit juices. Its veggie burgers, packed with nuts and grains, are a huge hit with the vegetarian and non-vegetarian crowd.</p>

<p>SINStreetFood ensures that only fresh and&nbsp;organic ingredients are used, so you can be assured that you are served with top quality fare.&nbsp;If the notion of tucking into&nbsp;wholesome&nbsp;vegetarian street food floats your boat, look out for&nbsp;SINStreetFood's&nbsp;food truck at the following markets: Place Van Meene (Monday), Chatelain (Wednesday), Square du Vieux Tilleuls (Thursday)&nbsp;and Flagey (Sunday).&nbsp;</p>

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<p><em><strong>2. Green Way</strong></em></p>

<p>Need your&nbsp;veggie fix on the go? Head to <strong><a href=””>Green Way</a>&nbsp;</strong>to grab a wholesome vegetarian fix. You will chance upon a variety of&nbsp;inexpensive vegetarian and vegan-friendly fare&nbsp;such as falafels, salads, burgers and wraps, as well as refreshing veggie and fruit juices.&nbsp;A&nbsp;choice selection of desserts, like a slice of fudgy brownie or rich cheesecake are&nbsp;available on the menu.&nbsp;</p>

<p>Green Way begins operations at the crack of dawn, serving as an ideal breakfast spot for veggie-loving travellers in search of a hearty and healthy morning meal.&nbsp;</p>

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<p><em><strong>​3. M&eacute;m&eacute; Caf&eacute;​</strong></em></p>

<p>Tuck into organic vegetarian and vegan fare at&nbsp;<strong><a href=”″>M&eacute;m&eacute; Caf&eacute;​</a>.&nbsp;</strong>Thoughtful consideration has been given to the menu, so diners with food intolerances can find gluten-free and lactose-free items at the eatery. There is something for everyone at all times of the day – the sandwiches, wraps and salads serve well as brunch or lunch mains, while the cakes, brownies and muffins are perfect for a teatime snack.&nbsp;</p>

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<p><em><strong>4. Mr Falafel</strong></em></p>

<p>A meal at <a href=””><strong>Mr Falafel</strong></a> will please budget travellers looking for a quick grab-and-go bite. Seats at this compact eatery are limited, so most diners order a take out. You can choose as many veggie fillings as you wish, so go ahead and pack your falafel wrap to the brim!&nbsp;</p>

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<p><em><strong>5. Moonfood</strong></em></p>

<p>Vacation makers who do not mind spending a little more to get their veggie fix may make a stop by at <strong><a href=””>Moonfood</a></strong&gt;. This self-service&nbsp;vegan cafe dishes out&nbsp;raw and organic items that are free from gluten, lactose and refined sugars, making it the perfect hang out for all health nuts. Salubrious treats on the menu include raw lasagna, quinoa salad and lemon coconut cake.&nbsp;</p>

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<p><em><strong>6. Home-dining with locals</strong></em></p>

<p>Eateries and restaurants are not your only bet when it comes to dining on healthy veggie fare. Try out a different dining experience by <a href=””>eating with the locals in Brussels</a>. Head to brunch at&nbsp;<a href=”; style=”line-height: 13.8666658401489px;”>Olga</a><a href=””>'s</a&gt;, and she will welcome you with a spread of traditional Belgian dishes, or venture to <a href=””>Titch's</a&gt; for vegan or gluten-free waffles. The men can be customised to suit your tastes and dietary preferences, so rest assured that you can enjoy a veggie-packed meal!&nbsp;</p>


<p>Image Credits: <a href=”; style=”line-height: 1.6;”>1</a>&nbsp;|&nbsp;<a href=”; style=”line-height: 1.6;”>2</a>&nbsp;| <a href=””>3</a&gt; |&nbsp;<a href=”″>4</a&gt; |&nbsp;<a href=””>5</a&gt; |&nbsp;<a href=””>6</a&gt; |&nbsp;<a href=””>7</a></p&gt;


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